Just to give you an idea and the style. After drafting a proposed plan, we will sit with our customers and add/subtract from the floor plan. Over a couple of weeks, we’ll talk you through our three-step design process; working at your pace and dedicating our time and resources to clarifying every issue.  We won’t progress to the next step until you are completely satisfied.

Once the construction drawings are completed, we prepare a complete and detailed budget, and cost out every aspect of your home. Actual costs are shown line-item by line-item, and broken down by trade and sub-category, so you know with complete confidence exactly where every dollar is going.

A detailed construction time schedule is also prepared. This provides you with a clear picture of what will be taking place at your site on a weekly and monthly basis; and will also indicate when items are to be completed.








Our philosophy is that a construction project should elicit excitement, joy, and pleasure as you come home or your work place to live or work in it. A true custom should reflect the personality and lifestyle of its owners, and should integrate the interior and exterior spaces with the land and gardens that surround it.


In this important stage, we take the time to learn about your tastes and ideas, your lifestyle. We incorporate all of this into a Personalized Project Criteria, which we use to design and prepare conceptual drawings.


In the preliminary design stage we provide FREE rendering services, which is where we take your idea and design a 3-D image of the remodelled construction. This will allow you to actually see how the final project will look like before we proceed, which will also allow you to make possible changes earlier rather than incurring a change cost during the construction phase


once you have approved the conceptual designs, we work with our team of professionals to create preliminary CAD drawings. This exciting step will allow you to view computer drawings, 3D, giving you an insight as to how eventually look like, with all exterior elevations.


We know that you are on a budget, and we strive to give you the best with the least that you have to spend. After you finalize your style, sq.ft, and your wish list requirements, we sit down and discuss your budget making sure that you get the and at the right price.


As construction gets started, open and consistent communication is the most important factor for a smooth running, stress-free experience. We will schedule periodic meetings with you; to review interior and exterior finish material options, make selections, and to get updates on the construction progress. We will also have “site walk-through” with you at key points of construction. In addition, our site manager will automatically email you a weekly construction report, outlining what took place at your site that week. Ongoing collaboration between our team and yourself continues throughout the project and until it is completed. This ensures a pleasurable home building experience; and guarantees that your home will be finished on time and on budget, and at the highest level of quality.


AT WALLZCORP, we pride ourselves on our quality consultants & trades as much as our projects.  We recognise that our diverse, multi-skilled workforce have the desirable skills and competencies to deliver excellence in all our activities. Working together, we provide customer satisfaction at every level to maintain our reputation as honest, reliable and quality contractors. Our senior management team bring a vast wealth of experience and help drive the company towards continued success