Luxury Custom Homes

Custom home building is a rising trend in the Toronto housing market, as it offers landowners the opportunity to craft a home to their desired specifications, whether for resale or for living purposes. Canadian landowners invest in custom homes to create beautiful properties unlike any other available on the market, finding a unique style and creative construction as well as alternative building methods for the benefit of the environment. A new trend in custom home building is the use of renewable resources to outfit a modern home with the same features, at a lesser cost to the environment. This can be achieved through the use of wood framing, renewable materials and environmentally friendly and local sourced sources.

Companies offering custom home building often emphasize their attention to detail and creation of customizable concepts for the homeowner. Wallzcorp offers the same such process, with better perks. Our designers work with customers to outfit your custom home to your particular style. You don’t have to choose from pre-set homes or designs, as we work with you to create a completely unique and creative architectural structure including all exterior and interior buildings.

Polished Casual Interior Custom Renovation

Proactive planning

Begin your office renovation with proactive planning. Your office is an important portion of your company, and is often what makes the first impression on your clients or customers. Smart planning of your office renovation can help you avoid the problems which often accompany any major renovation. The trick to getting it right the first time is avoiding confusion. Identify which portions of your office you want to renovate and revitalise, and opt for smart solutions to problems which you’ve accompanied in the past. Maybe your workforce could use more legroom, or maybe your office lacks open meeting spaces which allow for easier planning and idea sharing. Before you begin, we suggest that you identify your goals and what you need from your new office.

Build your Spectacular Flagship Store

Your company’s flagship store is a massively important component of your brand. As the flagship is a popularized component of your company’s strategy, it needs to be the most impressive and well thought through. Showcasing your brand can be a difficult thing: how do you design the store to best show off your product or service? What style of décor should you opt for? How best to draw attention to what your company stands for? With the help of our company, these questions do not have to be difficult. Wallzcorp understands that your company’s brand statement should be accentuated by the building it is in, and not the other way around. We raise brand awareness at a personal level by offering meticulous and completely personalized design process for your vision.

Your flagship should similarly be the most flexible location in your chain of locations. In addition to making a strong brand statement, your location may be used to display your brand, test the market, assess your audience and act as a venue for product releases and other public activities. Show off your merchandise in a large location which is inspirational and beautiful to your customer. This statement will wow your customers, and your location will cater to your full audience by offering exclusive and indulgent merchandise and customer service.

Design with Wood Frame Structures

Wood structures are a staple of the Canadian home, but is wood construction suitable for larger buildings? Recent changes to Canadian building codes will soon allow for multi-residential and office buildings, as well as stores and retail centres to be built using wood frames. As wood is less expensive, and easier to use in construction than concrete or steel, it’s quickly becoming a unique and creative alternative to commonly accepted building practices for larger construction projects.